Wellness Centre Seniors Programming

As our demographics continue to change so do the needs of our Wellness Department here at The Centre.  We have been fortunate to remain on the cutting edge of Fitness Programming for seniors through continued donations for equipment from both the Rotary Club and Friendship Clubs here in Petrolia.

 We are ever evolving to suit the needs of seniors be it with our Living Active Program that is designed to focus on the health of our active senior population as well as with the development of a Post Rehabilitative Program.  This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals for continuing care after they have graduated through the ranks of physiotherapy treatment but aren’t quite ready for main stream independent fitness programming.  Clients will include individuals who have had either post cardiac or stroke treatments, people who are dealing with motor ability issues, or individuals who have experienced orthopedic surgeries or conditions both per and postoperative, as well as clients transitioning through both pre and post onset of diabetes or arthritic issues.

 We are very excited due to the continued success of our senior programming and we are always keen to meet new individuals looking to enhance their lives through the benefits of an active lifestyle.  Feel free to come by and introduce yourself and discuss with us how we can help to make a positive impact on your life.

Living Active

Living Active is a seniors small group workout that focuses on building strength, endurance, balance, coordination & flexibility.

Tuesdays and thursdays
9am - 12noon

$35.00 for 10 session punch card

$68.00 for 10 session punch card

Having difficulties with exercies?

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